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‘Dream Me Home’ Wins First Place from the ‘Outstanding Creator Awards ’As BEST Fiction Book of Spring 2024!


2024 Awards for 'Dream Me Home'
  • Dream Me Home has not only won this Best Fiction award but seven additional sub-genre or category awards as well including:
  1. First Place in Romance

  2. First Place in Relationships, Marriage, and Couples

  3. First Place in Psychological Fiction

  4. First Place in Literary & Contemporary Fiction

  5. First Place in Women's Fiction/ Women's Literature

  6. First Place in Disorders

  7. Honorable Mention in Best Writing (Fiction)


  • The Bookfest Book Awards have named Dream me Home the second-place winner in the Thriller Suspense category

  • Dream Me Home Wins Top Award from the 'eBookFairs Book Awards' for Outstanding Fiction

  • Dream Me Home new winner of Literary Titan Book Award


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